Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Gas & a blowjob

While on My way to town, I had to stop for gas. After I pumped it I went inside to pay, and the girl behind the counter looked all upset so I asked what was wrong. She said her boyfriend was a prick. I told her, hey all she needs is for a man to treat her the way every woman needed to be treated... grabbed by the hair and a hard cock shoved down her throat. Face fucked like a cheap whore.

She laughed and said o really? Know of anyone man enough?

I leaned over, took the key out of the register, and a hand full of her long red hair. Took her in the backroom and showed her what a man can do for a slut like her. Then I told the bitch to pay for My gas and soda. She said no problem, she'd be happy to. And asked Me to cum back when she got off work. I laughed and told her I got what I wanted, and she would do it anytime I wanted and anywhere I wanted. Other than that shut the fuck up. As I pulled off, she was in the window crying. I laughed saying stupid bitch.

Master Dragon

Sunday, July 16, 2006

My Weekend..

First thing Sunday morning one of My slaves that I call cumpig showed up on My doorstep naked and on his knees as he has been taught to do. As I opened the door, he started kissing and licking My feet. I let him continue for a moment and just as he was about to take My big toe into his mouth, I kicked the little sissybitch right in his cock holster of a mouth.

As I laughed at his stupid ass I noticed the trickle of blood from his lip and asked him "How dare you fucking bleed in front of Me? you fucking well know I don't fucking ALLOW that kind of whimpy faggot shit bitchboy. you want to fucking bleed then fine." As I turned and walked back into My house I told him to get to his place which is on his hands and knees in front of My chair. I went to My dresser to get My chrome plated steel knuckles. When he saw them on My fist his eyes got real big and his lip quivered a little for the little bitch knew what was coming.

As I sat in My chair, I brought My fist down hard on the back of his head. I couldn't help but laugh as I saw the huge knot swell up on the back of the little bitch's head. I grabbed a hand full of hair right over the swollen knot, jerked his head back, and started to hit him over and over in the face.

After the fifth blow, I stopped. I just couldn't help Myself. I just had to laugh at the way he was wimpering and whining with his tears from his eyes mixing with the blood from his nose and mouth. he looked up at Me with his begging blue eyes. So being the sweet caring guy I am, I asked him what the fuck are you wanting now cumpig? he lowered his eyes and softly said for you to hit me more Master. You know how it makes my tight boy pussy wet.

I pointed to his boy of toys and told him to go get Me something to play with. he tried to hide the bloody smile because he knew that playtime had begun. he crawled over to his box and pulled out a cat o nine tails... a flogger... and with a little giggle and twinkle of mischief in his swollen eye he pulled out his favorite toy a huge black dildo that's 14 inches long and 4 inches around. he pu the dildo in his mouth like a dog with a bone and the whip in the crack of his ass and crawled back to Me.

As I removed the dildo from his mouth, I cock slapped him with it and laughed. I took My whip and told him, you fucking know what to do slut."

he moaned mmmm yes Master. he turned around putting his face and chest on the floor sticking his ass up in the air. he grabbed his cheeks and spread them wide. I lubed up the huge cock and placed the head to his little asshole. It puckered, then relaxed ready to except the huge head. A slit quiver rippled through him as I pushed it inside one inch... then two. As the third inch of cock buried inside him, I took the whip in my other hand and slapped him along his backbone leaving nine red streaks over his pale white skin. As the whip made contact with his back, he gasped and tightened up on the cock in his ass. I felt him tighten so I shoved the cock even deeper inside him. As he sucked in a deep breath he started to move forward.

Noticing him starting to move, I whipped him over his back and ass leaving deep angry red welts. I yelled at him to get the fuck back down where he was right fucking now. he whimpered "Yes Sir. i'm sorry sir." When he moved back onto the cock I hit him five more times across the shoulders. "NEVER FUCKING MOVE AWAY FROM ME AGAIN YOU WORTHLESS SHIT WAD! you understand Me bitch?"

"Yes Sir," he gasped while I pumped the cock three or four more times in his ass. The last pump I shoved over half of the massive cock inside him. I grabbed a hand full of hair and jerked his head back. "Do you understand Me pig?" he answered even louder than before, "Yes SIR", but that wasn't good enough. I pulled and jerked his head back as far as it would go burying the rubber cock in his slut hole. "Fucking scream it you cum guzzling whore."


I started fucking his ass harder with the huge rubber cock pounding it all the way with each thrust. he moaned and gasped thank you Master rocking his hips back and forth so my fist would slap his nuts. he begged Me to cum, "Master may i cum for you?"

I laughed and told him no bitch, not until I tell you you can slut. About 10 minutes went by with his cock getting harder and harder with each thrust. his nuts were swollen a deep red from him pounding back on My fist when I leaned forward and said...


At the sound of My voice without even touching his cock it started pumping a huge load squirt after squirt. A huge shiver rippled through his whole body as he spent the last of his cream and relaxed. I pulled the dildo out of his ass and looked at the mess on My floor. "Clean up your mess"

He giggles and said Yes Master before he leaned down and sucked every drop into his mouth. he moaned Mmmmm when he swallowed his cum before he was dismissed. As he was leaving with his face all black and blue and swollen, he turned and said "Thank You Master. What a wonderful start to a wonderful day. "

Yes, I thought, this is a pretty good Sunday and what a way to starta week.


Saturday, July 15, 2006

Introducing Myself

Hello My name is James, but you WILL be calling Me Master before long. Just like the little sissy bitch you are. Now for a little about Me:

I stand 6'1, weigh 210, and am a real life Dom. I do phone sex because I live to abuse little faggots like you from raping and humiliating you to shrinking you and keeping you in a jar like some weird bug that I found, making you My personal foot stool, to making you wash My dirty socks in your mouth, I will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. "Just like the trashy bitch you are" and have you begging for more. And if I feel like it and you please Me I just might allow you to serve Me with your tongue and your wallet even more.

Face it slut, it's all about Me and what you can do for Me. your pleasure is making Me happy and keeping Me happy. And through this blog you can get a small glimpse into this Master's life. HAHA Does that scare you faggot? If so that's okay. Fear is good for the soul and My wallet.

If you think I'm coming off too strong, well you can just kiss My ass, because remember ITS ALL ABOUT ME. So if you don't like what I say, I suggest you hit the little X in the right hand corner because you damned sure aren't going to like anything that follows.

For the rest of you, you'd better check back often because there's no telling what I'll write about. So for now so long until I post again, or until you get brave enough to give Me a call bitch.